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Free backgrounds pictures - Abstract colors wallpapers 1200x1024

Backgroud? Bacground? Backgound? Backgroun? Background! Walpaper? Walpapers? Wallpapers!

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1200x1024 Android full size wallpaper for 600x1024 Devices:

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Abstract colors wallpapers. Free abstract wallpaper. Modern abstract art. Bright colorful backgrounds. Colorful wallpaper free download.

Creating abstract picture takes: point, line, curves, shape, pattern, texture, composition + fantasy + color. The main colors used in the creation of this work of art: Vista White #fcf8f7 · Jaune moutarde #c7cf00 · Resene Snuff #e4d7e5 · Resene China Ivory #fbf3d3 · Bleu saphir #0131b4 · Dark Tan 2 #661010 · Peridot #e6e200 · Very dark brown #1d0200 · Pale goldenrod #eee8aa · Imagine That sand beach #e1dd60

This picture was inspired by chess game I played online:

September 09, 2015 :: John Doe vs Andrew Karpov

ECO B27: Sicilian opening, Hungarian variation

1. e2-e4 g7-g6 2. Ng1-f3 c7-c5 3. Bf1-c4 Bf8-g7 4. c2-c3 d7-d6 5. e1-g1Ng8-f6 6. d2-d3 Nb8-c6 7. h2-h3 e8-g8 8. Bc4-b3 b7-b5 9. Bc1-g5 Ra8-b8 10.Nb1-d2 Qd8-c7 11. Bg5-f4 Nc6-a5 12. Bb3-c2 Nf6-h5 13. Bf4-e3 b5-b4 14.c3xb4 Rb8xb4 15. Nd2-b3 Bg7xb2 16. Ra1-b1 Bb2-c3 17. Nb3xa5 Rb4xb1 18.Qd1xb1 Qc7xa5 19. Bc2-b3 Bc8-a6 20. Be3-h6 Bc3-g7 21. Bh6xg7 Kg8xg7 22.Rf1-d1 Qa5-c3 23. d3-d4 Nh5-f4 24. d4xc5 Ba6-d3 25. Qb1-c1 White resigns
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