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Free backgrounds pictures - Abstract colors wallpapers 1280x960

Backgroud? Bacground? Backgound? Backgroun? Background! Walpaper? Walpapers? Wallpapers!

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1280x960 Android full size wallpaper for 640x960 Devices:

Apple iPhone 4; Apple iPhone 4S; Apple iPhone 4 CDMA; Nikcron NK913 ; ViewSonic ViewPhone 4s;
Abstract colors wallpapers. Free abstract wallpaper. Modern abstract art. Bright colorful backgrounds. Colorful wallpaper free download.

Creating abstract picture takes: point, line, curves, shape, pattern, texture, composition + fantasy + color. The main colors used in the creation of this work of art: Indonesia phalaenopsis #d62b9d · Purple-pink #d725de · Smooth Uptempo dance desire #ee5fea · Kileauea Volcano night #dd5b09 · Carnelian #b31b1b · Alpenglow shadow #e839f8 · Cherub #f8d9e9 · Puerto Rico sunset #d22e05 · Lust #e62020 · Unsquare Dance Rhythm #feb1fe · Garance #ee1010 · Mysterious sound of your kiss #e157a6 · Barney purple #a00498 · Pumpkin Skin #b1610b · Ruby #ca0147 · Rouge d'alizarine #d90115

This picture was inspired by chess game I played online:

April 20, 2015 :: Andrew Karpov vs John Doe

ECO C00: Lengfellner system opening

1. e2-e4 d7-d6 2. d2-d4 e7-e6 3. f2-f4 Bf8-e7 4. Ng1-f3 Ng8-f6 5. Bf1-d3b7-b6 6. e1-g1 Bc8-b7 7. e4-e5 Nf6-d7 8. c2-c4 Bb7xf3 9. Qd1xf3 c7-c6 10.Nb1-c3 d6-d5 11. c4xd5 c6xd5 12. f4-f5 e8-g8 13. Qf3-h5 Be7-f6 14. f5xe6f7xe6 15. Qh5xh7+ Kg8-f7 16. e5xf6 Nd7xf6 17. Bd3-g6+ Kf7-e7 18. Qh7xg7+Ke7-d6 19. Bc1-f4+ Kd6-c6 20. Ra1-c1 Nb8-d7 21. Nc3-e4+ Kc6-b7 22. Ne4-d6+Kb7-a6 23. Bg6-d3+ Ka6-a5 24. Bf4-d2+ Ka5-a4 25. Bd3-c2# 1-0
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